Sunday Funnies

YAY! It’s time for Sunday Funnies!!!

3 thoughts on “Sunday Funnies

  1. OMG…so perhaps this weeks post is making me show my age but i LOVE them all!!! that is honestly me & my cats in the boxes except I have a BOX of wine instead of a jug; the going to the market & forgetting a mask is also me-I actually felt ‘naked’ once i discovered i didn’t have a mask on & like the renaissance paintings & bear I;m a fat mess thats not pretty; the rotary phone & group of first graders is also me and need i say more-DROOPY!!!!

  2. Ha ha, the bottom right hand pic (“How did we survive?”) brought back memories for me and not particularly good ones – it was actually my grandmother who used to do that to me, rather than my mother. I didn’t like it then (though I was only about 3), I’d like it even less now!

    Love the Sunday Funnies, and SO glad they’re back – our sense of humour is the one thing we’ll never lose (I hope), pandemic or no pandemic.

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