Self Portrait Saturday

Hey guys!

I totally meant to post more this week but had to go out of town unexpectedly. SO, to make up for it I give you a MEGA POST of Self Portraits!


8 thoughts on “Self Portrait Saturday

  1. Mega Post Fridays….
    I think I like the sound of that.

    I was born way too soon. When I was the age of these lovely young men I needed a camera to take a selfie. Which means that I had to get someone to develop the film and print the pictures. Most photo labs would destroy the negatives and tell you that not all shots turned out. There were strict laws against pornography in those days. The old Polaroid cameras helped but you were about the size of a stamp on an envelope.

    • Hi Bruce!

      Yeah, not too long ago you couldn’t get naked selfies developed. Polaroids were nice but certainly lack the quality and size of today’s phone cameras! Thank goodness for cell cameras!

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