Guys and their pets

Hey guys!

I totally intended for this to be a bigger post, but I got a quarter of the way through all the images I have saved to post and my pup was begging for my attention. So, sorry, but she takes priority!

Enjoy this post. I will do another one like it soon.


3 thoughts on “Guys and their pets

  1. Thank you, Jason for these pics.
    I have to say, pictures of guys relaxing with their pets are far more erotic than porn pics. There’s a softness in their eyes (both human and pet) which is so adorable.
    Seeing these photos was a wonderful way fore to start my day.

  2. Thanks for posting these pic, Jason. For me, seeing guys relaxing with their pets is so erotic. I think it’s the look in their eyes (both human and pet) that turns me on. I’d love one of them to look at me like that.

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