Sorry AGAIN guys!

The site was HACKED AGAIN!!! I once again had to restore to an earlier version. I will resume posting once again shortly, but first I need to make my site as secure as possible so I don’t have to keep doing this!!!

Sorry for the inconvenience!


7 thoughts on “Sorry AGAIN guys!

  1. Hey Jason, that’s BAD news! 😥

    Hope you manage to retrieve all the (excellent) stuff you’ve posted since April. It must drive you mad!!

    • Hi Kieran,

      Thanks for the comment! It does drive me mad, but each time my blog gets a little more secure!! Hopefully, I have it locked down good now!


  2. Every time you update the page with new content you should do a back-up. So, even if you are hacked, you can restore without losing anything. I’m surprised your webpage host doesn’t provide better security.

    • Thanks for the advice Harold! I actually did have it set up to do a back up every day, but the hack went unnoticed by me for awhile until it started to cause problems. I will try and do a better job at monitoring the site for hacks from now on.


      • I sent you a reply to this email shortly after your response. When I clicked on “Post Comment”, my anti0virus program blocked your site, claiming your site was “Phishing”. I think your site is still infected.

        Why isn’t you provider/host protecting your site from hacks? They should be a protected site. You need to look into this. Also, they should be providing back-ups.

        • Hi Harold!

          Thanks for your comment. If I could ask, what anti-virus software are you using? I want to try and replicate the error as when I do it with my anti-virus software (I’m using 2 different ones) I don’t get the same message. The provider does and is providing backups and is working with me to identify the problems/malware but it is unfortunately not that easy to find. Thanks for your help!


          • I have AVG and also use Malwarebytes. I’m not sure which one provided the message. But, why isn’t your provider offering a back-up and hack protection?

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