Sunday Funnies

Hope your weekend is going well!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Funnies

  1. I always like the Sunday Funnies.

    But I just don’t get the one headed ‘When your siblings say they barely “touched you.”

    A hideous hand-shaped slap mark on someone’s back, a cut hand, an X-ray of a broken arm..and then a pic of a straight couple, obviously imminently expecting the birth of a baby??!

    Sorry I’m being completely thick, but please can someone explain it to me, or it’ll drive me mad into NEXT weekend!!!

    • Sorry Kieran! You are not completely thick… 😉

      The straight couple are supposed to represent a brother and sister who are having a baby…

      The other images are of things brothers and sisters may do to each other and how brothers say “I barely touched them” to avoid punishment.

      Hope that straightens things out!


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