Sunday Funnies

Hey guys!

A few of you have told me you are having some technical issues with some of the pages of my site. I sincerely apologize. I cannot seem to duplicate the problem on my end so it makes it difficult to fix. I have checked and double checked the settings on the pages with the issues and everything seems normal. If you are having problems, please try clearing your browser’s cache if you can to see if that helps. If you are still having problems, please let me know either via comment or email at [email protected]. Please be sure to let me know what browser you are using and whether you are using a PC, MAC or mobile phone. That way I can try to narrow down the problem.

Thank you!


2 thoughts on “Sunday Funnies

  1. I have not had any problems with this webpage, but I have had problems accessing others due to malware software. Some malware soft ware will block certain sites it sees as not being safe of a source of malware. This site was hacked recently and maybe on a list of unsafe sites. One way around this is to add this site to the list of exceptions.

    • Thanks for your comment Harold! I am glad you are not having any issues and you make a good point that some anti-virus software may have my site listed as containing malware based off of the previous problems I had.

      I try to take great care to ensure that my site is malware free, which it has been lately. But I encourage EVERYONE to use anti-virus/malware software, regardless of if you visit my page or not! There are several free versions out there that work great, like AVG.


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