Thank You!

Hey guys!

I cannot begin to describe the feeling I have gotten from all your heartwarming comments and e-mails! You guys are amazing! While things are still rough for me – I spend some moments smiling when I remember the good times and then crying at what I have lost, your messages have made me feel less alone. I know some of you are dog lovers like me, while others are cat lovers, and some may not like pets or animals at all, but I have learned that we all can experience great loss in our life that will knock us off our feet. I guess the most important thing I have learned so far from this experience is that, although we may feel alone, we are not.

It will take me and my best friend/roommate and fellow father to Phoenix, Jason a LONG time to recover from her loss. But knowing that you guys are out there will make it all a little easier.

Sending Hugs to you all!


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