Who Would You Do? Version 125

Hey everyone!

I would like to thank everyone again for your continued support. I wish I could tell you how much it means to me.

Sorry about the late Wednesday post. I woke up and did NOT want to be in the apartment today. It is so empty without my puppy. Bad thing was, I still had to come home to an empty apartment. It is so strange. We took a road trip today to try and get our minds off things. We went to The Cave of the Mounds, which is a smallish cave system here in Wisconsin. It was nice but pricey. It definitely caters to tourists with big pocketbooks! It was still kinda fun. Something different. The drive was 2 and a half hours EACH WAY! But, like I said, it got our minds off of things, sort of. I still have a heavy heart and pressure in my chest that I wish would go away. Sorry for being a downer.

Thank you guys again for all the condolences!

Here are the polls for this week…

In the first poll, I am going to choose All of the Above.

So Who Would YOU Do?

In the second poll, I am am going to go with Swimmer 5. Is that a shark fin behind #6?!? lol.

So Who Would YOU Do?

1 thought on “Who Would You Do? Version 125

  1. For Number One: All of the above of course, because you’re already down there, you’re gonna take turns on each one of them.

    Jason, I wish you continued healing as you grieve the loss of your doggo. The road trip sounds like fun, and it doesn’t seem like anything in Wisconsin is a short trip.

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