16 thoughts on “Boyohboi

  1. Hey guys!

    Boyohboi is back… SORT OF… I lost EVERYTHING, AGAIN!!! I have to start from scratch, which included installing and customizing WordPress. So, please bear with me as I try and get things back on track.

    I am SOOO sorry that you guys have been without the site for so long! I am working VERY hard at getting things up to date so you will probably notice things changing a lot each time you visit. I WILL get things up and running soon!


  2. Just glad to have you back Jason! I’m glad you’re so persistent about keeping this place up and running after all the struggle it has been over the years. Hugs. P.

  3. Sorry to hear of your troubles, I got kinda worried about you after a few days and the 404 error (as others also had the error) and no update from you on fb. Good luck with the rebuild!

  4. Great to see you coming back, Jason! (I had every confidence that you would, because you’re so tenacious, and I love it!)

  5. I am glad to see you are coming back Jason! I have not seen your blog down for so long….ever…

    With the loss of GuysWithIphones.com, I am thinking you are going to be getting more eyeballs on your site moving forward!

  6. Jason, hope you come back stronger. Missed you. I Really like your site. You have such Beautiful, Artistic photographs of the Beauty of Men. Sites have come and gone, and now they are all video porn. Thanks for a site like yours, and the beautiful pics.

    • Hi Paul!

      Thank you SO much for the very nice comments! I hope to come back stronger too! I have some good ideas I want to incorporate into the site this time.


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