Sunday Funnies


It is finally Sunday (or Sunday already? depending on your point of view)!

Here are the funnies for this week!


Self Portrait Saturday

Hey guys!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

My bestie and I and the pup took a ride this week down to the area where we are thinking about moving. It was a LONG day as we drove there and back on the same day because we didn’t have money for a hotel. Needless to say, I was sick of riding in the car by the time we got home. But we got to see the neighborhood(s) and figure out where the nearest grocery stores were and if we would feel safe in the area. Bonnie even got a trip to a new dog park! She loves those! But even she was getting tired of riding in the car! Lol.

We did not look at any apartments because we had the pup along and didn’t think that most apartments would want to do a tour with our dog, even if they allow pets. I’m not sure if we will be able to physically see the actual apartment we select because of the no cash for a hotel thing. We will have to just go off of photos and hope for the best!

The building we are currently living in has been bombarding us with e-mails trying to figure out if we are moving or not. We have not given our notice to vacate because we TECHNICALLY have until the end of this month before we have to. Since they were unwilling to work with us to lower the amount of rent they wanted next year, we are going to wait until the last possible moment for a couple of reasons… 1. We don’t currently have a new place lined up and if, for some reason, we do NOT find one we will still be able to stay live here, albeit at the much higher rent. And 2. Since they did not negotiate with us, we are NOT going to make it easier for them to rent out this apartment than we need to. I am sure they want to advertise to try and get new tenants, but like most landlords, they require a 3-month notice to vacate, so the other apartments – the ones we are interested in – are not advertising either. So you could say that I am being petty or an ass. And I guess you are right. I am still bitter that they are raising the rent on an apartment we have lived in for 6 years by over $500.00 per month. I know it is “the way the rental market is right now” but being a former property manager myself, I think keeping quality tenants should be taken into consideration when raising the rent. Call me silly.

ANYWAY, my drama is NOT why you came here today! lol! Below are another 300 pics from my Self Portrait folder! I hope you guys enjoy and have an AWESOME weekend!


Who Would You Do? Version 183

Happy Wednesday All!

It has been and continues to be a very busy week for me, but I needed to take a break! So, here are this week’s polls. I hope you enjoy them!

In the first poll, I am going to choose “Underwear Boy 2”, although #1 is the runner-up!

So, Who Would YOU Do?

Who Would You Do? Version 183 - A
672 votes

In the second poll, I am REALLY leaning towards “Boy Butt 3″… BUT, I think I am going to be greedy and choose “All of the Above”.

So, Who Would YOU Do?

Who Would You Do? Version 183 - B
643 votes

Sunday Funnies

Well, it is Sunday again! Boy, the weekend sure does go by quickly!

I hope you all have a great week ahead! Or a great week OF head… Or BOTH!


Self Portrait Saturday

Hey everyone!

Here is an update on my life currently…

We MAY have found an apartment that we like in the north suburbs of Chicago. We won’t know for a couple of weeks though because the apartment complex does not know which apartments will be available for June 1st yet. So, we will be stressed for a little while longer… Not much can happen until we are certain where we will be living. I wish we didn’t have to wait so long. Once we secure an apartment we will have very little time to coordinate everything else. Oh well, what can you do, right?

I hope you all are enjoying your weekend!

Enjoy today’s 300 pics!