Who Would You Do? Version 140

Hey guys!

I bet you are surprised to see a “Who Would You Do?” post!!! Me too!

I’m feeling a little better and no longer have to wear the splint, so typing is a LITTLE easier. I still get sore after a while on the computer, but I felt it was time to do a poll.

In the first poll I am going with “Butt Boy 2”.

So, Who Would YOU Do?

In poll number two, I am going to choose “Naked Boy 3”.

So, Who Would YOU Do?

Self Portrait Saturday

Hey Everyone!

I am still here… I was going to use this post to explain what has been going on with me lately and the reason for the lack of posts, BUT I took one too many muscle relaxers on an empty stomach and now I can barely see straight! I’ll shoot for Sunday’s post.