No post today, sorry!

Hey guys!

I was totally planning on doing a Who Would You Do? poll today, but 2 things happened.  1. When I had to start the site over, I had to reinstall the polling software.  Well I had a PRO account that I paid for which allowed me to do the polls the way I wanted, but lost the PRO status, when I reinstalled it.  I have sent a message to the people who run the software and am still waiting for a message back.

And then there is problem 2.  I, somehow, screwed up my Windows 11 filing system where I store ALL my pictures.  I don’t know how I did it but am trying to fix it.  I didn’t lose any pictures, they just ended up in different directories…  And I am moving them even as I type this, but it takes HOURS because I had them all backed up in “the cloud” and am now downloading them BACK to my computer.

This sucks!  But I promise I will post as soon as I can!


10 thoughts on “No post today, sorry!

  1. No worries my friend. Your faithful followers will all be here anxiously awaiting your triuphant return to regular posting.

  2. Dear Jason, Don’t worry. We’ll just sit around, panting and drooling, until you get it all fixed. I agree, its frustrating how long moving large amounts of data takes, but nobody’s found any quicker method, so I suggest you sigh, make a cup of tea, and keep working, with occasional breaks to hug your dog.

  3. Sometimes when I look over your photos I wonder what on earth was going on when the photo was taken. But the one that has puzzled me the most was the photo of a somewhat older lady and a young man who was naked sitting on a bench somewhere. What could have been the circumstances behind that photo. Do you have any background of where the photo came from originally>

    • Hi Jay!

      I agree with you that I wonder what was going on with the setting of a particular photo. I see a lot of photos that I wonder that exact same thing! Maybe I should do a post with some of them and let you guys come up with the back story of them.

      Unfortunately, I do not have any additional information about that photo.

      Thanks for your comment!!!


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