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Hey guys!

So here is the SHORT version of what happened to the old site:

I got an e-mail saying the site was down, so I checked and sure enough it was the dreaded 404 Error (or some got a 403 error). I contacted the webhost and unfortunately, they are located in Amsterdam, so with the time difference there was a delay in all our communications, so every message to and from them took WAY too long. Basically, someone reported that the site was being used for phishing AND posting “child porn”.

First, let’s get this straight, I have NEVER and WILL NEVER post any sexual images of children, EVER! There have been 3 occasions in the ENTIRE history of this blog that I was told by someone that they thought the person in a particular photo was underage or that THEY were the one in the photo and they were underage at the time the photo was taken, and I immediately removed all the photos. And they were all selfies. I will continue to immediately remove ANY photo that someone thinks is inappropriate or of someone not of legal age!

As for the phishing allegation, I think the person who reported me just threw that in for good measure. I am barely able to create this simple blog without Googling instructions on how to do certain things! lol!

ANYWAY, I frantically was trying to find a new webhost who not only allowed adult sites but specializes in them. I went with Vicetemple. I also had to wait a week until I got my disability payment so I could actually afford to sign up for the service. I’m sorry that it took so long. I now have a shared server (which means I share resources with other websites) for about $22.00 per month. It cost more to actually get up and running because I had to also pay to transfer my domain name to the new webhost. It is amazing how quickly it all adds up. I would prefer to do a “private VPN server” but with the size my blog gets, it would be over $88.00 per month for hosting services, and I just don’t have that much money to spend on the site at the moment unfortunately.

But, as you can see, I am FINALLY up and running, sort of… lol. I can’t tell you how much it meant and means to me that some of you actually REMEMBERED my e-mail address and sent me messages of concern! I will say that I did not think THAT many people would remember my e-mail address (not that it is hard), or even CARE enough to send me a message wondering what was happening! It was the emotional support that I needed to start from scratch and get this site back up! So, THANK YOU EVERYONE!

The site is FAR from ready, but I still felt the NEED to post SOMETHING and try to get things back to “normal”  And what is better than some Sunday Funnies!!!

I know the site looks similar to the old one, with the same picture header, but over the next few days/weeks you will be seeing more changes. I will try to keep everything that you guys like about the site, but I also would like to “modernize” it or “freshen it up” a bit. I am making this site for YOU guys, so please feel free to let me know, either by comment or by e-mail at I LOVE hearing from you guys!

Thanks again for all the words of encouragement! I truly feel the LOVE!!! ❤️❤️❤️


23 thoughts on “Sunday Funnies

  1. So glad to see you back, Jason. Your blog has given me pleasure for many years. You even published my picture in a Saturday “Readers’ pics” blog – it was in 2016 and I was 69 at the time! OMG, I was so proud you included me.
    Thank you for all your hard work. You give pleasure to do many of us all round the world.

  2. Wtf?! $22 per month for shared hosting? Really? I recently helped friends signing for a wp-hosting at hostinger for a single 250$ payment for the next 50 months! (48 + 2 for free). So that makes it around 5 bucks a month! And Hostinger is considered to be one of the best hosting providers at the moment, next to playground and the more expensive kinsta..

    • Hey J.

      Actually, Hostinger is the webhost I just got kicked off of. They were actually MORE expensive than Vicetemple. I was paying $39.00/month with them. And unfortunately, in order to get the huge discounts you have to pay for a year’s worth of hosting all at once and I never have that much spare cash on hand. I wouldn’t consider Hostinger a great hosting provider. They were ok, but there customer service took forever! Thanks for your comment!


  3. Mazal Tov! You have overcome the powers of darkness and defeated the Evil Empire, all with stubbornness and a lot of mouse clicks. Pat yourself on the back, if you’re able to twist your arm that far. (I can’t.)

  4. Again just very glad you are back dear Jason! This place is such a part of routine and I dread ever actually losing it for a long stretch or permanently again.

  5. Glad to see you back. My computer was in the shop for a week and when I got it back all I could get was the 403 error. Was hoping you would be back as you are part of the great Sunday Funnies I like plus the Boys!!

  6. Well, the contact email in your post is the same contact email on (podcast website) , that’s why I am asking?

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