Self Portrait Saturday

Hey there everyone!

I hope your weekend is off to a GREAT start! If it isn’t, it is NOW! We have Selfie’s!

If you noticed the poll about whether I should post more or fewer pictures, it appears the “MORE” people have won, but only by a little. I have tons of photos to post and would enjoy posting a lot more of them, but I am aware that the more photos there are, the slower the pages can load – especially for those who are cursed to have slower internet speeds. PLUS – If you can believe it, I am ALREADY getting messages like this from my hosting provider:

“Dear Customer,
Your web hosting account exceeded one or more of its resources within the last 12 hours. Exceeded the maximum of 50 concurrent website connections. Your website was not available 14 times because of this problem.”

UGH!!! If anyone is having MORE issues accessing the website, this is why. Please keep trying to connect.

I would LOVE to be able to upgrade to a Virtual Private Network, but that would increase my monthly expenses by at least $66.00. I LOVE you guys, but I just cannot afford that at this moment. 😢 I really want to keep this site free from those annoying ads and pop-ups and I PROMISE, I will NEVER put them on this site!

I am, however, accepting (not demanding) donations. As I have always done, I will mail anyone who donates $100.00 or more a flash drive containing ALL the photos posted to my site EVER… For those of you who might be new here, Boyohboi has been around since about 2005! The flash drive contains over 124 THOUSAND selfies and ANOTHER 102 THOUSAND other photos that I have posted over the years. It is about 50GB of pictures total!

So, if you would be interested in donating, and donations of ANY size are welcome, you can do so via the ZELLE PAY app, which is available on Android and iPhone and is supported by thousands of banks.
If you have or download the ZELLE PAY app, you can then send any donations to the address:

If you prefer to use PayPal instead, you can send donations to:

And as I have said before, I totally understand if people are not in the position to (or would rather not) donate. I know that things are tough for a lot of people at the moment. This site will remain free – AND – free from advertising, for as long as I own it for EVERYONE to enjoy.

Anyway, I have taken enough of your weekend with my rambling…

Here are the selfie’s I promised!


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