Cute Guys with Pets

My favorite kind of guy! I know I have a ton more pics to add but my eyes are buggy from looking for them in the over 12,000 photos I have yet to post!

Sorry this one is so short, but hopefully you will enjoy it anyway!


Who Would You Do? Version 120

Happy Wednesday Everyone and Happy first day of September!
Everyone got their Christmas shopping done yet? lol.

Here are this week’s polls.

In the first poll, I am going to choose “All of the Above”.

So Who Would YOU Do?

In the second poll, I am going to choose “All of the Above” again!

So Who Would YOU Do?

Sunday Funnies

Self Portrait Saturday

Hey guys!

Sorry about missing the Who Would You Do? polls this week. About 2 weeks ago I had some minor nasal surgery done and the recovery, which I am told can take 6 weeks, is draining me. On top of that my beloved doggie is turning 14 on September 9th and she has been slowing down a lot and has required some extra TLC (more frequent walks, even in the middle of the night). The combination of the two has my butt dragging most of the time.

Please know that I am still here and trying to post as frequently as I can. I hope you can understand if I miss a post here or there while I deal with stuff.